My Life Now Has a Direction

Before coming to the Mission, my life was spent just existing. I spent nights awake thinking about the dead-end job waiting for me in the morning. I was always angry, frustrated, and stressed out. I drank so that I could sleep, but that didn’t help very long. I had no real direction or purpose. Life was just a daily existence that I didn’t look forward to.
When my wife became ill, there were more bills than I could even think about. I drank more so I wouldn’t have to think about them, but the bills were still there. Then when I thought things couldn’t be worse, I got injured and lost my job. With more than enough experience in my line of work, I thought finding a job would be easy. I was wrong. We finally lost our housing and everything we owned.
At City Union Mission, I found a staff of great people who were more than willing to help me. I stopped drinking the day I arrived three months ago and haven’t had a drink or even wanted a drink since. The Mission staff helped me to find my way back to God and the Church. I am receiving spiritual and educational help. I have a great place to live with good people around me. Life now has a direction and a purpose. I like waking up in the morning again.
(Ken is a participant in the New Life Program at City Union Mission, along with his wife Lea Ann)