Mission Guest and Staff Assist a Stranded Student


Kezia, a college student from a community college in Concordia, Kansas, was stranded at Greyhound Bus Station.  Carlton, a long time City Union Mission guest, led her to the Mission .  He was afraid that thieves or rapists may attack her if she remained on the streets.
KCI lost Kezia's luggage, and her flight was delayed.  By the time she arrived, her soccer coach had left Kansas City, and was not planning to return.  She was stranded.  Caleb, a new Mission volunteer assistant chaplain, and I allowed her to make long distance telephone calls to friends and teachers for help.   No one was available, and her family was in the Virgin Islands.
We called the Hotline for the Homeless for advice and assistance.  An operator named Kim was very helpful and professional.  She contacted her supervisors, and made arrangements for Kezia to stay in the overflow section at the Mission’s Family Center.
Meanwhile, we prayed, and asked God for direction.  We considered asking Greyhound for compassion fare assistance.  Kezia said, "I don’t think this is possible, but we can try."  Caleb and I reminded her that with God all things are possible.
When we arrived at Greyhound, a manager was standing outside.  We explained the situation, and he approved a $25 voucher for Kezia.  Kezia had $13.00 available, but the ticket to the nearest station in Salina, KS (with discount) was $52.50.  Caleb paid the balance, and gave Kezia some spending money.
Kezia smiled brightly as the Greyhound clerk handed her the ticket.  Kezia was very thankful to God and City Union Mission.  She gave us all a round of hugs.  She knows now that with God all things are possible.  Please remember her in your prayers.  Keep praying for long time Mission guest, Carlton too.  I believe someday, he will admit that God is real!  Amen?
(Submitted by Charles McField, Evening Chaplain at the Emergency Men’s Shelter at City Union Mission)