Ministering to the homeless as we also seek growth and edification for ourselves —

Not wanting to shock everyone who looks upon the City Union Mission as hyper-spiritual, but the staff at the Mission are people just like every local congregation has.  The amazing thing is that all of us come here pretty clear that God has called us to this ministry and fully engaged to minister to the needs of our guests on mostly a spiritual level, i.e., Salvation and Sanctification (growth into Christ-likeness) as well as the physical helps of food, clothing, medical needs, job hunting, temporary housing, counseling, document help and other such things like pastoral helps.  As time passes we all soon realize that we are really first here for our own growth and edification.  This comes through continuously challenging situations, with clients, circumstances and the enemy himself. Therefore, we need to honor God’s leading and take the time to live in the disciplines He has always used like prayer, fasting, alms giving, loving the unlovely, lend hoping for nothing in return, seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness as well as spending private and precious time with the Lord in solitude and as believers together. On a Tuesday and Wednesday recently the leadership team (8 of us) of the Men’s Ministries went to Warsaw, where we have a great camp center, Christian Life Program and retreat center and, using a lodge there spent time in community and gained great refreshment in the Lord.  We focused our energies on Scripture (II Corinthians) fellowship and in an isolated environment.  It was wonderful and energizing.  He further opened our eyes to helping each other, ministering more clearly and slowing down to make more room for Him. We thank God for the opportunity, facilities and the encouragement to do this.  God is Good.  All the Time.  Every time.  Forever.  Amen.
(Submitted by Gary Mountz, Director of Men’s Ministries at City Union Mission)