I Made it Home

Early on a Thursday morning I drove North on Troost and as I neared the City Union Mission I passed a client who recognized me and we waved.  I pulled into the parking lot and once I was parked and heading toward the Men’s Center I heard, “Hey Gary, hey Gary!”.   I stopped and waited while the gentlemen who had just waved at me came across the lot.  He came with a big smile and hand stretched out to shake my hand.  “Gary, I just have to tell you how great this day is and how wonderful the Mission is.”  He has been around here for a couple of years getting his life back.  He went on to say “I’ve been clean now for over a year and I have two PT jobs while I get some stuff done (bills paid and getting his license back) so I can begin a full time job I’ve been hired for.  You know I was gone for a while and got back the other day.”
He continued, “As I came up Troost at about 11th Street I saw the Mission and as I got closer I said to myself, ‘I’ve made it home.’  It was like huge to me to have made it back.  This place is like no other place for me.  I needed a bed and you guys gave me one.  I needed food and it was here.  I needed clothes and here they are,” pointing to the clothes he was wearing.
What a blessed encouragement that was to me.  He shook my hand a second and third time, smiling ear to ear, clean, sober walking with the Lord.  My how I love this job.  My how I love this Lord of ours.
(Submitted by Gary Mountz, Director, Men’s Ministries, City Union Mission)