Hope is Ageless

It’s true; the City Union Mission is where men, women, and children go when there is no where else to go.  But, the Mission is so much more. We don’t want anyone who comes through our doors to return to a life of homelessness and hopelessness. One of the ways we make this assertion come to life is by way of Career Development.
When a client of one of the Mission’s long term recovery programs is close to graduating, they begin to work with the Career Development Department.    The Mission does more that just help clients find a job, we help them chart a new life.
Case in point:  Mike, a recent graduate of the Christian Life Program.   At 50-something Mike was ready for a brand new start.  Bright, enthusiastic and friendly, Mike wanted to work with people in an organization that matched his enthusiasm and develop his gifts and talents.
We all know today’s job market is tough but there are bright spots.  Call Centers are springing up nationally; and TMG is such a start -up here in Kansas City.  Working with the Full Employment Council, Mike recently interviewed with TMG and was hired to join the young company.  Mike is excited to help build the business, eager to contribute to society, and add his positive effect to the workforce.  Truly, a new future filled with both hope and purpose.
(Written by Steve Sahl, a Career Development Specialist at City Union Mission)