Hope and a Future

hotel-desk-bellHe said,  “I’m looking for a trustworthy man; someone who I can count on to run the front desk of my hotel.  I don’t care if he’s been down but . . . ,” the man’s voice  trailed off.  He wanted to give a man a chance but he was concerned; he had a business to run.  “I’ve got your man,” I told him. I work in Career Development here at City Union Mission.  My job is to help graduates of our long-term recovery programs find jobs with a future—quality work for quality people.  Our clients don’t ask for favors, they ask for a chance to prove themselves. The interview is in thirty minutes and we’re on our way to the hotel.  The least I can do is give the applicant, Patrick, a ride.  He’s been through so much since he was dropped off at the Mission almost 3 years ago.  He arrived alone and without hope or a future, just wanting to die.  He had serious physical problems that were life threatening and just hoped that the suffering would stop.  Patrick also came to us with even more serious spiritual issues.  Today, as we are about to walk into the hotel, he’s a new man.  He stops at the door, closes his eyes and bows is head.  He goes before the Lord for a few moments and I commented,  “Now, you’re ready.”  “Yep,” he replied. A few days ago, I went to pay the newly employed client a visit.  I just wanted to see how Patrick was doing and to take him a care package.  He was still in training, standing tall behind the desk in a crisp, white,  short-sleeved shirt and narrow tie.  Twenty five years ago he was in the military and that same discipline still showed. Don’t tell this man miracles don’t happen, he knows better.  People are sometimes skeptical at the phrase we use around here which is ‘a new creation in Christ’.  If I was ever skeptical, I’m not now.  I know better.  I’ve seen too many men now standing tall; men of God making the world a better place because their lives were touched by this place. (Submitted by Steve Sahl, Career Development at City Union Mission)