God and City Union Mission Turned Our Lives Around

At 59 and 53 years old, my husband, Ken, and I never imagined in our wildest dreams, that we would become homeless. Actually, we are houseless. We have no house, but we have a place to stay, where it is warm, inviting, and caring. That place is City Union Mission.
Since coming here in June 2011, our lives have completely turned around. It is all due to the caring staff employed here. On our own, we knew we were not, and still are not, strong enough to do what we have accomplished. We began the Mission program with the New Beginnings Covenant and then advanced to the New Life Program.
We have joined Bread of Life Outreach Ministries, and shortly afterwards, both of us were baptized. Again, something we didn’t think would ever happen. We have grown and continue to grow in Christ. He has been there for us, even through major health issues. City Union Mission Staff and housemates were there with us also. It is a great support system to have in place.
Becoming houseless/homeless was the best thing to ever happen to us. We owe everything to God for putting us here and to City Union Mission for doing what they love to do: HELPING PEOPLE!(Lea Ann and her husband are participants in our New Life Program.)