Glimmer Of Hope

AlexSometimes it seems there is no way out. There is nothing that can be done. How can there be hope for a better tomorrow when all logic says it’s impossible. What can a young man do when he has been trying for 3 years to grow beyond his deeply troubled past and debilitating health issues? What could Alex do when his hard work to better himself and prayers for a job and a future seemed to fall on deaf ears? Hopes dashed again and again and again. His Counselor and Case Manager at the Christian Life Program had stopped praying for him in hushed reverent tones. Their prayers were now cries to the Lord for His intercession because the world had rejected Alex before he even got a chance at redemption; before he got a chance at all. Everyone knew time was running out somehow. “I’ve got an interview tomorrow,” Alex said with a glimmer of hope. There was no advice his job coach could give him. It was well beyond that. It was in the hands of the Alpha and Omega now. Prayers are answered. This day one was. Alex got the job. He was so excited he couldn’t stand still. He was young again. It had been a long time. “The man said he’d give me a chance.  They want me to start work tomorrow.” God at work.  Absolute perfection.
(Submitted by Steve Sahl, Career Development Director at City Union Mission)