From the Heart of the Homeless – My Mission Journey

From the Heart of the Homeless – My Mission Journey

Charles Doran GED 09-14 (1)

In 2010 I lost my job as a result of a back problem that was causing me to miss a lot of work. My finances went from good to bad and I lost all of my own property and my place to live. I made the decision to go to City Union Mission to figure out what to do. I had successfully got back on my feet at the Mission in the early 90’s and hoped that would be the case again. After being homeless for six months, I began to desire a way to do something besides just stand in line to eat.

The programs offered at the Mission got my interest and I got myself in the Meeting Jesus Ministries (MJM) where, for the first time in twenty years I started studying the word of God. I completed MJM twice in the next two years. The feeling of self-worth started getting stronger and I made the decision to join the Christian Life Program (CLP). I started putting the pieces back together and began understanding that God’s love is what I needed to heal my soul.

I never received a high school diploma and at the Mission’s Learning Center, thanks to Joyce and the team of volunteers, and especially God, I was able to pass the high school equivalency tests with a total score of 78, making me eligible for a 2-year scholarship to college. I am scheduled to graduate the CLP in Warsaw sometime in the spring of 2015.

I thank God for what He has done in my life and I thank City Union Mission for all they have done serving God and helping me.    —   Charles