From Shame to Safe

repentive heartSo a sharp looking man comes to my office, a young man in his early 30’s. He’s fit, muscular, trim – a stud. I envy him. He is winsome, likeable, and well-respected by both Christian Live Program (CLP) clients and staff. It’s his 4th time to be a part of the CLP recovery program – another attempt. Once, he left the recovery program for the promise of money in a job. Twice, he left for the promise of companionship in relationships with women. He walks back into the CLP building struggling with thoughts of self-harm, feeling like a failure and a loser. I assume that as he sits here in my office he is feeling a measure of shame. “Are you feeling ashamed?” I ask. “A lot of shame”, he says. I ask him what he feels walking back into the CLP building. His first word – “safe”.  Wow!!!  Just what we hope for. He says he’s done trying to figure things out on his own, and he’ll do whatever he is guided to do by his counselor and case manager. Satan the Accuser seeks to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus the Good Shepherd seeks to bring life. “Come to me, all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest.” I’m glad I get to represent the values of the Good Shepherd! (Submitted by Bret Kroh, Assistant Administrator of the CLP at City Union Mission)