Field Trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum hosted a field trip in March for the men in our Christian Life Program and they had an incredible time!  The history represented in this building is captivating and thought-provoking as individuals not only revel in America’s favorite past-time and learn about some incredible athletes that many people are not aware of, but also forced to see some of the more discomforting aspects of the American experience.
As if this were not enough, this particular evening was made more special as Frank White, 5-time golden glove winning second baseman for the Royals, shared some of his experiences as a player and some life-lessons he’s learned along the way.
There were several lessons he shared, but here are just a few.  Accountability – Being held responsible by others to do what we’re supposed to do and do it with excellence.  What a testimony as Frank shared how Cookie Rojas told him as a rookie player that he was not to make excuses for not making plays.  Just admit that you did not make the play and do it next time.  Seek the truth – Frank shared how important it is to seek the truth about one’s self and adjust course when truth is encountered.  Frank shared that was also important as a rookie.
Thank you to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and Frank White for making this outing special for these men in our program.
(Submitted by Greg Gay – Christian Life Program Administrator at City Union Mission)