Family Center staff shares of special moments with clients & volunteers —

(From Grace) A guest came into the office to tell me her testimony. It is normal to hear her voice goes in and out when she speaks and she also suffers from severe anxiety. She was sharing with me how good God had been to her, but every time He lifts her up, she tries to go it on her own. She continues to fail even the easiest of tasks. Now she acknowledges God’s presence in her life. She’s willing to let GOD use her for His will. As she was giving her testimony, not once did her voice crack. That’s the power of an almighty God! As she spoke I felt the presence of the Lord in the office. He said that when two or three are gathered in his name that He will be in the midst, and he certainly was!
(From Jonathan) One day a man came to serve lunches at the Family Shelter, as he does every month. There was an event going on that took many shelter clients off campus and it ended up that he was only able to provide lunches for a small number of our guests. This did not upset him. In fact, he was thanking God for the mouths he was able to feed. I thank God for our volunteers, especially ones like this man, who are still willing to praise God when things don’t go as planned!
(From Jeanie) There is a client here who has quite an amount of medication she takes on a daily basis. Her container that holds her presorted pills was not in the best condition. I felt a prodding that I should get her a new one. After about 2 weeks with this on my mind, I finally went to Wal-Mart and purchased a new pill container for her. It was only a few dollars but when I gave it to her, the joy on her face was worth so much more. I’m glad I followed through with what God placed on my heart because He was able to bless someone through me.