City Camp Week 9 – Legacy Camp & Explore KC

The ninth week of City Camp was as full as ever.  With the 12-17 year olds participating in a week long fine arts camp, the younger children got to spend the week exploring the city that they live in.  These children got to enjoy feeding the goats at Deanna Rose Farms, making their own money at the Money Museum, creating sculptures at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Art, and playing at parks.
At Crown Center, students went through the Hallmark Museum and played at the Curious George Exhibit.  They also made fun and crazy craft creations, from cards to watercolor butterflies to puzzles, at the every so popular Kaleidoscope.  On Friday, the students explored the waters of CoCo Keys.  They spent the day swimming through the lazy river and chasing one another with lots of laughing and splashing.  They climbed the stairs to ride the slides time and time again and they played water basketball with their friends.  Explore KC was quite the adventure for our faithful young children.
While our younger children were out of the building most of the week, our 12 to 17 year olds were hanging out with a group that we like to call Legacy.  Legacy spends one week every summer hanging out with some of our students and invests hours and time teaching them all sorts of fine arts.  The group comes from a church in Wichita, Kansas and the camp they run is called Legacy Camp.  Our students have grown to love their staff and their camp over the past four years.  They look forward to seeing old friends and learning more of what Legacy brings with them.
This year was special for Legacy.  Students get to sign up for the classes they want to take and for the first time ever, most of our students signed up for the same class, Step.  It turned in to one very large group learning three different parts to an impressive step routine. After Step, some students went to drama, some to music, some to flying things and some to baking.  Karate, spoken word, and painting were also part of the classes presented.
The best part of Legacy Week comes on Friday evening at the Ice Cream Social, when our students invite their families to come watch them perform the activities that they have worked SO hard to learn.  There is lots of clapping and cheering from peers, parents and staff as the kids show the talents that they worked hard all week to learn and improve on.
The music group performed a song, which they wrote every part to, from guitar chords, to drum beats, to lyrics.  The Karate group broke boards with their palms and elbows.  The Flying Things Class wowed us with their balsa wood planes that fly with the twisting and releasing of a propeller attached to a rubber band.  The baking group let everyone sample their fine desserts.  The drama group made us all laugh with their improv and our friend Taylor stole the show with his funny and quirky one liners.   The painting group had their work on display for each of us to view.  The Spoken Word class had us laughing hard, thinking deeply and understanding more of who they were through beautifully crafted words. With all of the amazing things that took place that evening, the best part of the entire night was watching a 45 person step group rock the gym with their routine. We ended our week eating ice cream and saying goodbye to our faithful friends from Legacy.