City Camp Week 7 – Traveling Through History!

We’re already done with week 7 and in some ways it seems like we just got started and in other ways it feels like we’ve been with these campers for years. This week we traveled through history learning all about our past, how America came to be and the heritage we have in the faith. We were blessed to have an awesome volunteer group here from City Refuge Church! They were a huge help and we are so thankful for them.
This week we packed in all sorts of activities from making homemade ice cream, building forts, playing dress up, learning new gym games, playing with the parachute, making colonial cookies, learning new facts, and going on some great field trips!
This week we went to Miss Stephanie’s church to watch a movie and have snacks! It was a fun relaxing afternoon to escape the heat. We also cooled off at the Concourse Fountains which is always a blast. Clay County Parks and Rec hosted us for our Friday Field Trip and we had so much fun with the interns and the park rangers. They taught us how to fish, shoot bows and arrows, and even let us check out their wildlife. The campers loved all of it…even touching the snakes!
We are excited to jump into our final week of City Camp for the 2011 season. Please be praying that God really works in the lives of the campers as we wind down and they gear up for school.