City Camp Week 4 – Texas Week

This week looked different than most weeks because we had a volunteer group from Tyler, Texas lead City Camp. High schoolers and staff from One-Ten Student Ministries at Green Acres Baptist Church( came and sponsored the entire week. They planned the activities, provided all the supplies, and arranged the field trips. The theme was Noah’s Ark. The kids learned all about how Noah obeyed the Lord even when it meant that he had to ignore what everyone else was telling him. This was a good reminder when we had to change the schedule a bit for the week. When things are not always going the way we plan them the important thing is that we are serving the Lord and doing His work.
We were privileged to go on three field trips during the week. On Monday afternoon we went to River Roll and enjoyed roller skating, Wednesday afternoon we went to the movies and saw “Monsters University,” and Friday we enjoyed a full day at Super Splash water park. On Thursday, our friends from One-Ten threw a big carnival for City Camp kids and the community. Everyone who came had a blast! The kids really enjoyed making some new friends with the volunteers and had a great time learning and playing with them.
It was a less intense week for our City Camp staff since there were enough volunteers to lead the activities and each crew. Although we still helped with the crews, we also had a chance to organize curriculum for the coming weeks, and have some time off. It was a great encouragement to have some time to recharge for the following weeks of City Camp.
You can watch the video from One-Ten Student Ministries
at Green Acres Baptist Church HERE!