City Camp – Week 3

  Under The Sea 402Although it was toasty outside, city camp was resting easy under the sea. This week they not only learned about different creatures that live in the ocean, but they were able to learn about and discuss stories about Moses, and Jesus calming the storm. It had been really interesting and fun seeing the staff and campers become closer as the weeks pass by. Most of the staff noticed kids opening up more during devotional time and engaging more with fellow peers. It seems the longer city camp goes on, the more they become a family, and that is something that most of the staff wasn’t expecting. Every Tuesday and Thursday they take all the kids swimming. It has been encouraging to see kids who really struggled through swim lessons start to get it. At the end of the day they have the campers trade their swim bracelets for a snack (so they won’t leave trash at the pool), but on one of the swim days a red crew member didn’t want to give up her bracelet because she wanted to show her mom that she had passed her swim test. Even though swim days seem like chaos, the personal goals and fears that the kids are able to conquer make it worth it. 574This week city camp was able to go to the Clay County Parks and Nature Center where the kids not only learned about different animals that lived in the park, but got to hold and touch some! Some of the campers faces when the leaders brought around snakes for everyone to touch were a sight to see, yikes! The excitement didn’t end there though. What really caught everyone by surprise was when a giant bull frog busted out of its cage and onto the ground! It was even better seeing all the kids work together to keep the frog from getting too far away. By the end of the week one could see remnants of some of the kid’s pet shells459 (a craft based off a children’s book about Marcel the Shell, a popular youtube video, check it out!), sand crafts, and felt sea creatures scattering the floor. The felt sea creatures were mostly due to one of the most ridiculous, fun, and educational games we’ve played. Stephanie would give a few facts about an aquatic animal without revealing the name, and the kids (and staff) would run to a felt board full of sea animals and pick the one animal that they thought Stephanie was describing. If anyone had heard shrill battle cries and saw flying manatee felt pieces, then this game would explain why. It was a memorable moment when both kids and staff were laughing uncontrollably and still getting something out of the activity.