City Camp Week 3 – Animal Sounds

Last week’s theme was animal week. It was really fun to see the creativity the kids have when making animals masks out of detergent bottles and making animals to hang on the wall in the class room. The animal theme allowed the kids to learn more about the awesome creation that God has surrounded us with and how Christ is the Lamb that was slain for us. What an amazing reminder that Christ, the Lamb of God laid down His life for us! Our week was busy with the zoo mobile visiting and presenting about the food chain while showing us some animals, we did our usual swimming twice a week, and on Friday we took a field trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead to see some more animals and feed the goats.
Field trips are one of my favorite activities because it is one of the biggest opportunities to have conversational evangelism. So far there has been a moment on every field trip to reinforce the gospel with the kids in our groups. It is such an encouragement to see how God presents opportunities to share His love to these kids in different ways and environments. These are the moments that make the struggle and stress of city camp worth it. No matter how many trials and challenges present themselves, it is a great reminder that we are here to show the kids that Christ is the solid foundation that will never shake.
We are so thankful for your prayers and support. We ask for continued prayers for our intern Jessyca who had surgery on her foot. She is doing well and is starting to participate a little at a time at city camp. Continue praying for the staff to have energy and health to continuing building relationships with the kids and that the kids hearts would be open to the gospel.