City Camp Week 10 – Imagination

We were excited to still have an average of 70 kids and youth joining us for the last week of City Camp 2013!  Staff, interns, and campers were all exhausted by the time we said goodbye to the summer and sent kids back into their schools.  The week was full of cheers, hugs, and sad goodbyes, but we are all excited to hear and see these campers grow in their communities.  Our memories will hold strong throughout the school year because we have had a summer full of living life with these wonderful students.
In our last week hanging out with our campers, our younger kids enjoyed the 4H Fair in Johnson County and our older campers spent a good deal of time playing all of their favorite gym games.  Red and Orange Crews competed in a few events such as dodge ball, won by Orange Crew, and basketball, won by Red Crew.  These crews also learned about outlines in reading.  We did a good deal of hard work, but we also had a lot of fun.
A special thanks to Rob from the Kansas City Public Library and to Priscilla Howe for joining us to give our camper an engaging reading experience.   Thanks to Stacy Boline for taking two afternoons off work to come and lead cooking and baking classes with our teenage girls. They learned a lot and got to taste some really awesome food! Thanks to our City Camp Summer Staff for investing long and tiring hours at work to make programs happen.
Thanks to Sherwood Bible Church, the Vivian Road YMCA, and the Platte County YMCA for opening your pools to us all summer.  Thanks to Amanda and her amazing life guards for being SO welcoming to our kids and to working with our campers on swim lessons.  We saw more than one temporary tattoo and swim goggles given to students in swim lessons on at SuperSplash on Friday!  Also, a shout out to our boys Sauce Remix and Hizway for bringing the beats to our facilities and allowing our kids to rock out in a concert.  Sauce, thanks for being so generous with your new CD and posters.  I’m sure our campers, and staff, will be greatly enjoying your rhymes in the months to come.
This summer, we accomplished a lot.  We had a lot of fun.  We learned a lot.  We read a lot.  We wrote a lot.  We learned about God a lot.  We learned about each other a lot.  If you can’t tell the summer was a lot about ‘we’.  We did a lot together.  The best part of our summer is that we, staff and campers, spent hours upon hours living life together.  We created memories that will last for years to come and our lives have been impacted by the stories of the campers that shared the summer with us.  So, we, the staff, have to say a huge thanks to the campers that brought smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts.  So, to our campers, thanks!