2015 City Camp Update! – Wk 3

City Camp Update! – Week 3

Game Show Week:  Thank You Jesus For Our Sins…

Derryl Hearn-Red Crew-Minute To Win It

The only price that is right is the one that Jesus paid on the cross.  That is true yesterday today and tomorrow.  When it comes to City Camp, that’s the message that we hope our campers hear day in and day out.  That’s also the message that we hope we hear from God day in and day out because it is a message that is stocked with truth.

This week at City Camp, our activities were centered around various game shows.  I could tell you about education through play Jeopardy, or fun times competing in Minute to Win It Challenges.  I could tell you about laughter during gym time. Teams playing The Price is Right Tag or Family Feud themed recreational games.  I could tell you about swimming at the YMCA and Sherwood Bible Church.

I could tell you lots of heartwarming stories of kids growing together, struggling together, and learning together, but I won’t. I’ll tell you how every morning, at 8:45, we have opening meeting in the gym.  Our kids sit with their crews and listen to the rules.  They hear important information from the day.  Then, one of them or a crew leader prays for our day.  Normally, the students say a prayerMarkili Leavy-Blue Crew-Minute To Win It asking for us to have a good day and thanking God for their mommas and their crew leaders.  It’s heartwarming to hear our toughest campers break down their requests to God for their friends, crews and families in front of everyone.

So, when I asked a Blue Crew camper to pray and he started off ‘Dear Jesus, thank you for our sins…’  you can imagine my shock.  As I listened to the snickers of students who caught on to the beginning of this prayer, many thoughts crossed my mind.

Thank you for our sins… maybe not the best way to start a prayer.

Thank you for our sins… should we really be thankful for those?

Thank you for our sins… this kids never gonna live that one down.

Thank you for our sins… Good thing Christ is our mediator.

Thank you for our sins… Oh boy… maybe I should explain to him why this isn’t how we start our prayers.

Thank you for our sins… Really!?  I’m not grateful for mine.

Thank you for our sins… Remember not to let him pray again.

Thank you for our sins… He didn’t really mean that.

Thank you for our sins… I’m glad only a few kids heard that statement.

Zion Handson-Blue Crew- Recreation

And then,  City Camp was up and running and all my thoughts were left in the gym until the next day.  ‘Can I get a volunteer from the Blue Crew to pray for us today?’  I asked.  Immediately a hand shot into the air and I called out the name.  The boy stood up front and began to pray, ‘Dear Jesus, thank you for our sins…’ Snickers arose from various corners of the gym.  And my thoughts started up again…

Thank you for our sins… AGAIN!?

Thank you for our sins… Why did I ask the same kid to pray?

Thank you for our sins… How did I forget that he prayed yesterday?

Thank you for our sins… Good thing Christ is our mediator.

Indya Givens-Red Crew-Minute to Win It

On and on went the thoughts.  They didn’t stop with City Camp, but continued late into the evening.  And that’s when I realized, while I’m not grateful for my sins, my sins are the thing that point me to my need for rescue.  My sins reveal God’s grace.  My sins reveal my need for Him.  My sins reveal my failure to be able to handle life without Him.  My sins reveal His goodness to me.  My sins remind me that I have a Savior that speaks on my behalf.  While I am not grateful for my sins, I thank God that the law exists to point me to my need for Christ.

“So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith.” (Galatians 3:24) I am not justified by doing what is right, but by trusting that the right price was paid at the right time.  Jesus died on the Cross to fix the feud that I was having with God.  He is the mediator who stands in my place.  So I can thank God that my sins exist to point me to Him.  And I can thank Him that He covered my sins on the Cross.

Samara Rodgers, AJ Johnson, Reuben Erisman, and Jessie Riker- Pool

  That’s the story we live to tell our campers.  And that’s what we hope you will pray for as you pray for City Camp this summer.  We have a Savior who speaks on our behalf, and who paid the right price to set us free from all our sins.  His love never fails. Through Jesus’ death, the price was right to end the family feud that exists between us and our creator.