City Camp 2018 - Wks. 6 & 7 - Incredibles, Music & Movies


Continuing on our summer journey, week 6 was "Incredible". The "Incredibles" happened to be our theme this week, because you have to celebrate a summer blockbuster that's been 15 years in the making right? However, our week wasn't just about our favorite animated superheroes, we also did some fun superhero recreation games, like Iron Man dodgeball, a long time VYC favorite. We also had an excellent education session about incredible people who also happen to have special needs. Some of our students admitted they didn't know much about people with special needs or why they were different, but our education time gave them a glimpse into the lives of those who may be different, but are also very determined, and incredible in their own right!  To close out the week, we were fortunate to be able to take our whole group to see the movie, ‘Incredibles 2’. 


Week 7 was officially "Music and Movies" week. Our students enjoyed learning how to make both music and movies. We had some friends of our staff members and a few of interns come and share their knowledge about music with our elementary students. In addition to learning what it takes to play instruments and hear some great music, they also got to try out some musical instruments and have a lot of fun! They also had a little dance party by playing some dance revolution video games.  Meanwhile, our secondary students got to work on making their own short movie filmed entirely on a cell phone. They wrote their scripts, gathered props, and did takes and editing to make their movies. They were quite silly, but also very fun to watch. 



n our devotion time we continued through the life and ministry of Jesus. A couple of the highlights we were able to cover were talking with students about Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city, and how people were initially so excited to see Him. In very short time however, many of these same people would be jeering at him and crying out that He be put to death. Many of the people in Jesus’ day had their own idea of who Jesus should be. They wanted a political leader, or a miracle worker, or someone who fit their individual ideal. Even today, we have many people who want Jesus to conform to their ideal or fit their lifestyle. However, that has never been the way it works, which brings us to another highlight. Jesus’ claims about Himself -- that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Isn't it great that we can serve a God who came to earth to tell us plainly the way to God? Not a way, but The Way, and not a truth, but The Truth. Not just any life, but abundant life, eternal life! As we continue to walk our students through the life of Christ, would you please pray that they will have understanding, and that they will see that Jesus stands ready to save them? We have had some great conversations with the students and hope that those continue!