City Camp 2018 – Wks. 2 & 3 – Superheroes and Science

For week-2 of City Camp our theme was “Superheroes”. Who doesn’t like a good superhero? In some ways, they embody what most of us, if not all of us, want to be in some way – A person of great strength, courage or valor; a person who saves the day; who will stand up for those who can’t defend themselves; or a person who serves others.   For our superhero week, our campers were able to go see some real life heroes who serve our community daily.

Our elementary group visited Kansas City Fire Department, Station 23. We were given an outstanding tour of the firehouse and their hook and ladder trucks — they even let us try out the fire hose! Meanwhile, our secondary students got a chance to tour the Kansas City Police Academy. They toured the facility and learned about the training and testing it takes to be a police officer. We are so thankful for all the men and women who took time to share with us and for their service in our neighborhood and community. 

In week-3 of City Camp our them was “Science!” and featured a number of cool experiments — including a rocket launch, various egg drop experiments, and a run across “oobleck”, which is a non neutonian fluid that when pressure is applied acts like a solid (it’s so cool!). We concluded the week with a trip to Science City where we explored many interactive activities that taught us more about science from wind, to water, to gravity and more. We’d like to thank Northland Baptist Church for making such a fun trip possible. 

We also continued our study through the life of Jesus. First, we learned about His childhood — from being presented at the Temple, to a visit from far off eastern magi, to His teaching as a boy in the temple, we saw that Jesus wasn’t just any ordinary child. We tried to imagine what Mary and Joseph might have thought about all these things being said about their son and what the experience of trying to raise the Son of God must have been like.  If we marvel just reading of these things, how they must have marveled experiencing them? Then we learned about the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, the calling of the 12, and his compassionate ministry towards the people he encountered. The campers learned that Jesus is unlike any other. He spoke like no one else. He taught with authority in ways no one else could. He performed miracles that people saw and could not believe. He reached out to those no one else would. Jesus was more than a superhero, He came to be our Savior and to show us who God is. Just as He was 2000 years ago, Jesus still stands in the gap for us, meets us at our need, calling us to follow Him, and to be His disciples.