City Camp 2018 - Wk. 1 - Come Together


City Camp kicked off on last Tuesday, and we were thrilled to welcome back many returning students, as well as many new students. Our crews spent the week hanging out and getting to know each other through games, team building, and activities during this week. We got to learn some fun and interesting facts about one another and students used their unique skills to accomplish tasks and challenges together. 

One of the highlights of our week definitely came in devotions where we began our journey through the life of Christ. Students learned this week that the coming of Jesus Christ to this world was spoken of long ago in the words of the prophets in the Old Testament, and foretold to Mary and Joseph by an Angel of the Lord. The saints of old, and the faithful of that day looked forward to this long promised Messiah. When the Angel spoke to Joseph

about Mary being with child, we learn that Joseph listened and ultimately trusted God about what was to happen, and what He should do. Our oldest students in red crew walked through the passage with their leaders using the acronym HEAR - (Highlight, Explore, Apply, and Respond). It was exciting for their crew leaders to explain this method, and students on their own, apply, and individually conclude that just as Joseph trusted God, and counted on His promises, they too can trust God and His promises in their lives. 

A funny story was a couple of students trying to guess each others age on our van ride. There were several guesses back and forth when one of yellow crew (our youngest group) students said to a student clearly much older than he, "you look like your 1 year old!" to which the older boy responded with much enthusiasm, "Impossible!" The entire van busted out in laughter as they continued on down the road. Week one was a blast, and we look forward to continue building relationships with our students and getting to know them, and having a lot of fun this summer.