Christian Life Program News

A few weeks ago, 13 men from our city-side Christian Life Program (CLP) traveled to the Opportunity Farm CLP program near Warsaw, Missouri for a 2-1/2 day retreat with staff and clients from both programs.
The retreat was an opportunity for the men to take a break from their normal routines and to enjoy the beauty of the country setting. There was time for hiking, fishing, games and recreation, team building activities, spiritual encouragement and fellowship.
Program staff led discussions on the topic of God’s standards for sexuality, explaining what God expects of a man who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Many of the men expressed appreciation for the chance to talk about this topic in a godly and safe context. Biblical sexuality should always be understood in the context of God’s unselfish and unconditional love, a lifestyle that rises far above the portrayal of sexuality by society and the media.