2015 Camp CUMCITO - Wk 5 - Junior2


Camp CUMCITO - Week 5 - Junior2

At camp a staff member was asked to sit with a small girl that was having behavior problems in the chapel service. The camper squirmed in the pew, sliding all the way down where she couldn’t even see the teacher at the front. The volunteer tried to encourage the camper to sit up and listen, but the camper just stared at her indifferently. Then the program came to a part in a skit when a huge box lit up in the back of the chapel. The chapel teacher pretended that the box was a time machine and that she was using it to attempt to bring Peter to our time from Bible times to tell the kids about his firsthand experience with Jesus. The kids whispered excitedly as a man dressed in Bible-time clothes came out of the box.

The squirming girl in the back pew hadn’t listened to the explanation, but she bolted upright when she saw the man come out of the box. “Is that the REAL Jesus?” she whispered to the staff member beside her. The staff member explained that it was just a man in a play pretending to be Peter from Bible times to tell us about Jesus. Not only did the girl sit up and forget her bad attitude, but she stood up to be able to see better and her eyes never left “Peter” as he spoke about Jesus and his love.

The chapel staff uses many different teaching methods, including puppet shows, object lessons and skits in order to get kids’ attention and help the kids understand about Bible truths. The truth focused on in this lesson was that Jesus loves us no matter what, even when we do things wrong. And thanks to a pretend time machine and a volunteer dressed in a robe and beard, a little girl that was determined not to pay attention, heard that message loud and clear.

The new rotating schedule at camp guarantees that each child has the opportunity to experience all the different camp activities, to include pool and water games, the climbing wall, s’mores campfire, sling shot shooting range, forest exploration, lake trampoline, swimming and boating. Camp CUMCITO is often the only place these kids have the opportunity to do these types of activities. This aligns with Camp CUMCITO’s desire to encourage kids to try new things and explore lots of different camp activities,

The kids at Tot Lot really enjoyed the pony rides in the mornings. Oreo, the black and white pony, takes the kids one at a time for ride around the yard. Many of the kids have huge smiles when they sit up on the pony for the first time. The playground provides the children with swings, a merry-go-round and a train and boat to climb on with their camp friends. Of course swim time is always a favorite, especially on the hot, steamy days. And after nap time each day they participate in an afternoon “Tea Party”.