Camp CUMCITO Week 3 – Pre-Teen 2

Wed-Thurs - Pre-Teen (3)This past week at Camp CUMCITO, the campers partook in theirFriday - Pre-Teen (8) first and most popular activity, LUNCH! Then they got set-up in their cabins, were able to go swimming and just relax. After dinner was the ‘Great Race’, which is a competition between cabins that involves several fun activities. Outdoor activities included: swimming (lessons and free swim), kickball, football, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, archery, fishing, and a combination game of volleyball and basketball knockout. The girls and the guys each got a lake day as well, where they got to swim, boat, play on the lake trampoline and the battle barge.Wed-Thurs - Pre-Teen (10) Wed-Thurs - Pre-Teen (8)They also got to be creative with crafts as they tye-dyed t-shirts and created boats; and ended their evenings roasting marshmallows over the campfire. A few of the cabins even camped out overnight at the lake both nights. During Chapel the campers learned of God’s love for His people and the incredible value He places on them, not because they are worthy, but because He is. They also learned that even though we all sin, if we are in Christ, there is no need for fear, because fear is cast out by love. The theme of the week was summarized as the incredible value that God places on his people.Friday - Pre-Teen (15) Friday - Pre-Teen (9)There was a carnival the last evening of camp, where the kids rotated through stations doing different activities including: boat races (these were made during their craft time), a ball toss, blowing a Ping-Pong ball across a goal line, water races, dropping their counselors in the dunk tank, tossing a football through a tire, face painting, enjoying watermelon slices, relay races, throwing darts to pop balloons, a bean bag toss, and a hot dog supper. The last morning the campers attended an awards ceremony at Chapel where each child received an award for a character value they demonstrated during the week.Friday - Pre-Teen