Camp CUMCITO – Week 1 – PreTeen

Unshakable Value DSCF0536On Sunday afternoon camp staff arrived to anxiously set up and complete on-site training in preparation for the week ahead. Buses loaded with excited campers arrived at noon. After lunch and cabin assignments, the kids settled into an afternoon of swimming and getting acquainted with their cabins and one another. First, they have what is called ‘The GreatDSCF0480 Race’. In this cabin vs. cabin competition, campers race through a series of stations with group challenges at each: the foam javelin toss, basketball shoot-out, tennis ball float, get-the-cookie-in-your-mouth, etc. Each station designed for teamwork and simply having fun. DSCF0575The first time at Chapel they split times between the boys and the girls, allowing for specific conversations about some of the issues that preteens face, such as treating the opposite sex with respect. Their chapel teacher also set the stage for this week’s theme – ‘Unshakable Value’. After a hearty breakfast in the morning, chapel continued the focus on value. Through games and activities campers started thinking about the value they placed on different things in their lives, leading them to understand that they are uniquely designed to find their value in God. This theme continued to develop as the week progressed. The afternoons were filled with crafts, swimming and cabin time. To many of the campers, the chaDSCF0600nce to swim is one of the best things about coming to Camp CUMCITO. They had the opportunity to not only have pool time, but also receive swimming lessons and learn proper techniques in the water. You could see the joy on their faces as they learned their strokes or later learned to float or dive. DSCF1033 (640x480)There was one camper who was very hesitant about the water all week, instead of jumping in the pool he would sit on the side. Well on the boys’ afternoon to swim in the lake, his counselor and three other boys encouraged him to try walking into the lake. They supported and cheered him on as he gathered up the courage to walk into the first 2 feet of water.