2015 Camp CUMCITO - A Visitor - A Camp Volunteer Reflection


Camp CUMCITO - A Visitor - A Camp Volunteer Reflection

My husband and I have volunteered at Camp CUMCITO for a number of years. We always leave camp talking excitedly about the next year, even as we replay some of the hard or funny aspects of the week together. In looking forward to this summer, I was anticipating building on relationships that had begun last summer.

Monday afternoon, a truck towing a camper pulled into camp, with a very precious visitor. A couple, who live in California, happened to be visiting friends and family in Missouri and their destination took them down the highway by camp. Seeing the sign for Camp CUMCITO, the wife insisted that her husband turn in.

You see, in the 1960’s, this woman was a camper at Camp CUMCITO. She attended for 3 summers, when she was 10 to12 years old, the very ages of this week’s campers. Her family moved away from the Kansas City area after that and she never knew where camp was until yesterday when they drove by. She relayed to the camp administrator how much camp meant to her as a child and how much of an impact it had on her, something she still remembers nearly 50 years later.

I had tears in my eyes when I heard about her visit, and I have tears again as I type this. We may think our volunteering doesn’t have an impact on a camper, but the culmination of every person on staff here working together is creating lasting memories on our camper’s hearts.

You may think your donation to Camp CUMCITO or City Union Mission is trifling and not going to change anyone’s life, but the combining of everyone’s generosity has made and continues to make lasting impacts on individuals and families and in Kansas City.

The motto at Camp CUMCITO is, “An Opportunity for a Changed Life.” The work we do today will result in lives changed for God’s glory even 50 years from now.

(Submitted by Tom and Janice Seagraves, Camp staff volunteers)