Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 5 – Junior 2

When the campers arrived a few of them looked sleepy and we heard one first timer exclaim, “That was a LONG way from home.” The excitement was palpable as the campers made their way to lunch to enjoy the PB&J and tuna sandwiches prepared for them. We had a great week in store with much cooler temperatures and a little rain that cooled us down Sunday night. We had 40 boys and 43 girls and they arrived ready for the pool! 

Our theme this week was, “What does the TRUTH say?” The kids loved the skits and all the awesome worship songs at chapel time. Being able to participate in the skits onstage was the highlight of many campers week despite the “funny costumes,” they had a good time. One camper asked, “Why did they dress like that in the Bible?” Ha! 

Lake time was a hit for many previous campers, but for some of the newer friends, working up the courage to get into fish-infested waters would be the greatest challenge of their lives. One of my favorite friends was adamant that she would NOT be swimming, however, after two days of watching her friends have a blast, she ended up moving past her fear and with her counselor at her side, went into the water – her friends encouraging her each step she took. It took her awhile but we know she will leave camp knowing she faced and overcame her fear.  It was a wonderful thing to watch. 

The kids seemed to love all the critters of camp, at least the ones that didn’t sting. They had a ball with the bugs and butterflies.  One day a turtle wandered into the gymnasium, which caused quite a stir — they loved it! We think every millipede in camp must now have its own name and a few of them are even married, thanks to an impromptu wedding ceremony.  

Mealtime was so enjoyable and the kids couldn’t wait to see what was in store, they asked for seconds and sometimes thirds.  They were all very grateful for all the yummy food!  One of our camp favorites was hearing the camp chants and learning how to match the beats. It’s probably one of the very best parts of mealtime!