Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 4 – Pre-Teen-2

Pre-Teen-2 week of camp was one to remember! There were tremendous achievements and doors opened. God’s presence was made clearer, not only to the volunteers, but to the campers and staff as well. This week we had an astounding number of campers accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and many more were seeking Him and had all the right questions to ask. 

The heat was excruciating this week. Yet, the campers didn’t let that squash their enthusiasm to do everything just as planned. Thursday, the hottest day of the week, was our “lake day”. Guys went to crafts and cabin time, while the gals went to the lake and had a great time on the lake trampoline, boats, and battle barge — then they switched. There were several brave campers that had previously vowed they would never step foot in the lake because it was “too creepy”, however, they ended up swimming all the way to the lake trampoline and loved every second!

Ron Wilson was our wonderful teacher this week at Pre-Teen camp. In the mornings the campers watched inspirational video sermons and professions of faith from Lee Strobel, Frank Turek, Steph Curry, Omar Simpson, Lecrae, just to name a few.  Ron spoke about being sure about God’s truth and knowing how and when to follow His path, even though it may be hard. The kids this week were bombarded, in a good way, with the love and truth of Jesus. They were filled with scripture, song, devotion and God centered authority. 

The campers had the opportunity in the morning to choose between field games or swimming lessons. The intermediate swim class focused on treading water and diving, while the beginners class focused on the fundamentals of swimming, floating and stroke styles. Field games gave the kids an extra opportunity to exert some of that preteen energy. Each day they played a different game such as basketball, kickball, nuke-’em, disc-golf, football, etc. 

In the evenings, each cabin had the opportunity to choose an “optional activity”. There were tons of things to choose from, such as — Archery, S’mores, Rock-wall climbing, Canoeing, Lake trampoline, Night camp out, etc. Each one was a special experience that the campers may never have had before, which made it even more amazing to be a part of. 

God moved and worked in so many ways this week. There were a million beautiful memories made and we hope to see all the campers again next year. In the meantime, please join us in keeping each one lifted up and prayed for every day. God Bless.