Camp CUMCITO 2019 – Wk. 2 – Junior 1

Junior 1 camp was such a cool week to be a part of!  We had several campers give their life to Jesus and many seeds were planted! God provided a great staff team and amazing counselors to love on the campers. It’s so powerful when someone chooses to set aside a week of their life to join other people in serving, thinking not of themselves, but just to love on these kiddos. To love when it’s going against all of the feelings in your head, to love when your feet hurt from walking to long, or just to love by giving up a weeks worth of your crazy busy life. At the end of the week counselors began to share stories.

In one cabin devotion time began to become a priority to the campers, as they were reminding the counselor to be on time for ‘devos’ and to take it seriously.

On a different note, camper told counselor that he had a dream. The dream was that he was drinking from the water fountain, but the water fountain ran out of water. The next day the camper went to drink out of the fountain and the all the water at Big Camp had stopped working. Don’t be concerned the water was turned back on the same evening!

A camper was crying one day during chapel and her counselor asked what was wrong. The camper was thinking deeply on the gospel message that had just been spoken. She felt bad that Jesus had to die and didn’t understand why someone would do that for her? She was moved by the love that Jesus so freely gave.  The counselor reassured her that it was okay, Jesus loved us so we can love others.

Throughout the week we believe God moved! He moved in the lives of volunteers and in the lives of campers! We are so excited on what God will do in the lives of these youngsters, building on the foundational truths that were shared with them this past week. We will be doing follow-up and continuing to build relationships with them. Thank you for your prayers!