Camp CUMCITO 2018 – Wk. 4 – Pre-Teen 2 & Tot Lot 3


It’s always amazing to watch how God brings all the right people together to work a week of camp.  With the rain and different personalities and temperaments, Tot Lot 3 may not have been the easiest week of camp, but we have saw how this body of Christ came together to fill in gaps to make each day work.   One little guy asked the teacher why Jesus loved him. If all he learned this week is that he is loved by God, as well as those of us at camp, that will be enough. That is why we are all here.

The Pre-Teen campers spent the week learning about the life of Moses, from the time he was a baby in a basket to when God parted the Red Sea to help the Israelites escape slavery. After hearing about the parting of the Red Sea and that they had found Chariot wheels buried in the sea floor, one camper asked a counselor how there could be wheels if it hadn’t happened. “That’s exactly right,” the counselor told him “the wheels help prove that it did happen.” The camper then realized that what he was hearing at camp was true.

Although it was a rainy week the campers still had plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, archery, and time in our new ball pit. We had a lot of returning campers and it is so great for us as staff to be able to see the growth that has occurred and the fruit that comes from all those that have poured into the campers lives over the years. One camper got off the bus eager to let staff know that he hadn’t been in as many fights at school and that he was getting baptized soon! Sometimes the rain changed the schedule a bit and we were so grateful that we could have indoor activities at the Ridge. Another fun, indoor activity was movie night in the Chapel!