Camp CUMCITO 2018 – Wk. 3 – Teen Girls


As the Teen Girls arrived on Monday they headed right to the pool and later to the lake with a cookout to look forward to.  Chapel doesn't happen until 9:30pm and the skit begins. Our teacher Miss Ko presented our theme for the week "The Quest" -- are we on a quest to follow God or going our own direction?

It’s hard for the teen girls (TG) to leave their cell phones behind in the city, however they are kept so busy that phones are soon forgotten as the fun begins!  

Tuesday began the daily morning rotation which included crafts, trust activities, dance practice and circle time.  Circle time is unique to teen girls camp.  It's a small group time with one of our experienced staff where the girls pour out their hearts and are able to ask some hard questions.  Tuesday night was the TG egg war!  Most of the girls participated after covering their hair with plastic bags and putting on goggles.  The teams head into the woods and the eggs start flying!

Wednesday and Thursday nights the girls participate in optional activities such as archery, riflery, camp out, s'mores, rock wall, fishing, boating and more.  The girls are allowed to pick activities individually rather than as a cabin group, giving each camper the opportunity to have their own unique camp experience. Wednesday night ends with ice cream floats and a night time swim.  This year there were even light up balloons!

Friday is a special day at TG camp.  The craft hall is decorated for an art show where the girls' creative crafts are beautifully displayed.  The dining hall is turned into a banquet hall.  The cooks prepare a special meal of fried chicken with all the fixins!  The male staff members serve the girls and female staff.  All are made to feel pampered.  The girls spend the afternoon getting ready, painting nails, putting on makeup and doing hair.  Each girl is looking her best and it's a time for them to feel beautiful as God made them each unique and special.  A special chapel time showcases the choir and dance teams that have been practicing all week.

It's hard to say goodbye on Saturday morning but we know God has planted His Word deep in their hearts.  Our theme "the Quest" means that God has a unique plan for each one of their lives.

Hope to see you next year, beautiful teen girls!