Beautiful, Inside and Out

MakeupSince being here at the Mission, my heart has been touched in so many ways. In particular, I remember last year when a volunteer from Mary Kay Cosmetics came to do makeovers on our women clients in preparation for the annual ‘Women Who’ve Changed the Heart of the City’ luncheon.  It was amazing to see the ladies gain so much confidence after they had been pampered!  The ladies were so blessed by the fact that someone cared about them and helped them with their makeup.  They all looked so beautiful. makeup2Taking the ladies to the banquet was exciting and to see them feel so beautiful and important in the eyes of others and God’s eyes was truly a rewarding experience. It is moments such as these that I treasure the most. These women not only looked beautiful on the outside but watching them transform into beautiful and precious women on the inside, with the Lord’s helping hand, is an amazing experience. (Submitted by Stacy Shope,  New Life Program Administrator at City Union Mission)