A typical day as Shelter Manager…

A typical day as Family Shelter Manager at City Union Mission begins with setting up for the busiest time of the day. Making morning wake up calls to our guests, distributing medications, catching up on my emails and making sure chores are done. I’m the only Shelter Manager in the morning so I have to make sure our overflow guests are up so that I may assist them to the areas where they need to be. An option for our shelter guests is to attend life skills classes. Once class starts, I complete room checks to make sure that our guests are following the policies by keeping their rooms clean and free of food. If a guest has left the shelter, or if they have reached maximum time allowed, I have to pack their belongings, label them and stow them in a designated area.
Recently, we had a guest named ‘Sally’ who was ill and unresponsive to her roommates. I went to check it out and found her slightly breathing and unable to respond. I called for assistance to her room and Security called 911 and I prayed.  Several days later Sally returned to the shelter.  She was so grateful that I had been responsive to her need and apologized for scaring me. I told her my fear was not death, but that she would perish without knowing Jesus. After that, we often times fellowshipped together until she found shelter elsewhere. God has spoken to me in so many ways. When opposition comes against me, God enables me to endure and continue His will. I pray before I go to work daily as to how to run the Shelter effectively.  He always answers me through Scripture and the Holy Spirit and has given me grace and mercy to carry out His will. He has given me wisdom to fellowship with the Shelter Guests and those in our New Life Program (NLP) every chance I get. Most of all, to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding; but in all my ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct my paths. I’ve seen one guest (Beth) who asked for prayer, but she refused to acknowledge God’s Word. She had hardened her heart. I would minister to her daily. Now Beth is studying the Bible and has joined the NBC Program (New Beginning Covenant). Just a couple of days ago she even sat through lunch with our Shelter Administrator, Mr. Dan Dickey, to gain more knowledge after attending his class that morning. I see the Holy Spirit working and it is such a blessing.
I also have seen a very social lady leave and come back to the program with a sincere and grateful heart for the Truth. I see transformation often. The Holy Spirit ministers to me and refreshes me with new insight of how mighty GOD is — THE GREAT I AM!
(Grace is a Shelter Manager at the City Union Mission’s Family Center.  Grace was a former client who graduated from the Mission’s New Life Program and went on to also complete and graduate from our Servant Leadership Institute.)