A Special Thank You for Mission: Christmas 2012

As another Christmas Distribution Day wound down on Monday December 24th, I was reflecting on all the work that went into making that day so successful.  It took months of careful planning, diligent scheduling, daily execution of the plans, and of course all of the volunteers who gave their time to help qualify each of the families, those who helped them shop in our store, and those who wrapped the many gifts that more donors were now delivering.
As I looked over a mountain of paperwork sitting on one of our tables, I saw a nicely decorated envelope with a bow on top. I asked if anyone knew what it was, and a volunteer told me one of our volunteer deliverers had brought it back from a family they delivered to. I was somewhat surprised to find that envelope addressed to us. So I just had to open it and see what this might be about.   Inside was a beautiful Christmas card, which read, “Thanks so much for all you do each year for me and my family. We really love you guys!   We wish you all the best.”
I began to share the note with those that were here helping wrap things up.  A longtime volunteer remarked he couldn’t ever remember a family sending such a card.  What an encouragement to know the impact that the Mission has made on that family! I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this with others and especially those who have had a hand in helping this Christmas.
So to all those who donated this Christmas – thank you for your support of the Mission and efforts to minister to those in the community; And to all those who volunteered their time and efforts – thank you for your part in helping make a successful ‘Mission: Christmas 2012’ and being a blessing to so many families like this one this Christmas.
(From Scott Wilson, Seasonal Projects Administrator at City Union Mission)