A look on the ‘inside’ when ministering to hundreds of men daily

In the men’s ministries here at City Union Mission we are blessed with the golden opportunity to discuss the very essence of life with our guests.  Remarkable things happen daily and testimonies come in with men telling of transformations in their lives.
Once men get on with life as a disciple of Christ we then attempt to help them become productive citizens in their chosen churches and places of employment.  The many churches that volunteer to present Christ here at the Mission often receive the men back into their fellowships.  That is about as healthy a transfer as is possible.
They also need to work their way back into providing for their needs and preparing to help others who can’t help themselves (Ephesians 4:28).  To help with this we have two full time and one part time staff members whose administrative purpose is to lead clients into the working world.  They use the typical tools of resume writing, internet search engines to locate openings, interviewing skills etc., but the real key they provide lies is at a different level.
They must understand that all of life works out right when Christ is the center of their lives.  If that is right, the world, including their work-world, works out right.  God is God and He is faithful and true.  Second, they must create a real workable job search plan and stick with it.  Third, they must maintain sobriety.
There are lots of employment tools, but none so potent as applying the Word of Truth which the Holy Spirit will use in their lives.
(Post submitted by Gary Mountz, Director of Men’s Ministries at City Union Mission)