A Card Game Opens Door for Discussion


A few days ago the Men’s Shelter staff approached 'Carl', a man in the day room who was playing a card game that had strong demonic emphasis. The gentleman became very upset that he couldn't play his game and demanded to speak with me, the Shelter Administrator.
The next day he came into my office and vented his frustrations on how we were unfair to him for not letting him play his card game that was associated with black magic and other occult type activity. I informed him that it wasn't card playing that we were against, but rather the type of game it was and what it stood for, and that we, as a Christian organization, stand upon Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Carl still didn't seem to understand, even though I tried to minister to him as clearly and lovingly as I could.
Staff members knew that this gentleman was a professing atheist and had been specifically praying for him. Three days later Carl came into my office, looking quite different (like he was beaming). He told me that on this particular day that something told him to go to our Meeting Jesus Ministry class (in which he had not a part of). He began to listen to Anthony, the class facilitator and daytime Shelter Manager, as he was ministering the Word.  Carl told me that "something hit him". He shared with me that he received Jesus as his Savior before everyone!
As we sat in my office today and I listened to him describe his conversion experience, I could tell it was genuine. Please join with us to lift up our new family member in prayer and also that the Father would give us the tools and the wisdom to continue to assist Carl in his walk with Christ.
(Submitted by Greg Miller, Men’s Shelter Administrator at City Union Mission)