2016 City Camp Wk 5: Road Trip

Road Trip!  When I think of summer, one of the things I think about is rolling down the road in my car with the windows down, listening to some music, and enjoying the journey as mile marker signs pass by. Whether it’s a short journey or a long one, no doubt, I love a good summer time road trip. This was a fitting theme brought to us by some great friends at Green Acres Baptist Church Youth Ministries from Tyler, Texas. This group of friends has spent a week with us for several years of City Camp and we welcome their enthusiasm, energy, and fellowship as they serve here in Kansas City. In addition to our normal City Camp activities of crafts, devotions, and recreation, Tuesday night Green Acres hosted a neighborhood carnival in our parking lot full of games, activities, and hot dogs for local children and their families. A great time was had by all. Our Texas friends treated us to a great field trip, and some awesome laser tag at Jaegers.

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Our key verse for the week was Romans 8:39 “…nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Much like a road trip, life is a journey. Hopefully, it’s a journey toward God and with God.

On a road trip, inevitably one is going to encounter some obstacles in the road – traffic, potholes, and in my experience growing up in Ohio – seemingly endless miles of road construction punctuated by bright orange barrels that restrict efficient travel to seemingly any and every destination. The same is true in life, where we encounter trouble in the form of day to day concerns, getting caught up in the gridlock of our busyness, or those outside forces that keep us from getting where we think we need to go quickly.

On a road trip there is always the matter of which way to go. Do I take the interstate or maybe traverse the state routes? Who is going to help me make sure I’m on the right road? The same is true in life, we have many options, that may seem good, but how can we know for sure? Who is going to help us figure it out? Fortunately, for those who know Christ as Savior we have the ultimate help in navigating the paths of life. We have a road map called the Bible that can teach us the best routes to take. We also have the promise of a constant Helper, the Holy Spirit that is better than any 24 hour roadside assistance service could hope to be.

Our students learned this week about journeying with God through this life. Our hope is that you too are making that journey with Him. We can certainly choose to road trip it alone, but we can also choose to journey with others. We can choose to reject Christ as well, but  there is no better way to travel, no better navigator, and no better companion than to journey through life with Jesus Christ, Savior and Friend. It’s a journey worth taking, and the ultimate destination is one that lasts for all eternity.


(Blog submitted by Scott Wilson – Youth Activities Administrator)