2016 City Camp Wk 4: National Park

The theme for week 4 of City Camp took us to National Parks. We explored through our education and reading time some really interesting things about the great outdoors. We learned about sled dogs and how they work together in teams under harsh conditions and perform in unison to do amazing things. We also got to try that out in one of the craziest gym games we’ve ever done, where teams of students pulled another student on some flexible mats across our gym floor in “sled dog racing” style. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen our students have so much fun and laugh so hard during a gym activity. You know they are having fun when they literally cannot pull their sled because they are laughing so hard! Another great activity was building volcanoes and how they interact with glaciers, like at Mt. Rainier. Our students worked in teams to build volcanoes, and then covered them with ice cream and then observed what happened when they erupted. One huge mess and a lot of fun learning make for a winner of an activity!

We were thankful for the opportunity to visit Antioch Urban Growers where we learned about all sorts of container gardening, bees, and more.  We also had some very special guests – Carl and Andrea Stafford of Speaking It Real who came and did a 2-day communication workshop with our high school students. Carl is an engaging speaker who connected with our students through his own story and through the practical, on-point tips about meaningful communication.

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Of course, as we think about the beauty we can see in our National Parks and in our world, we cannot help but think of the God who created it. Our key verse this week was Romans 1:20 “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”IMG_0626IMG_0633IMG_0647 


      IMG_2095Our whole team agrees that when we look at creation we cannot help but see the hand of God who created majestic beauty, awe inspiring mountains, impeccable sunrises, stars that shine forth in the night, all to point us towards him. We also cannot help but recognize that as beautiful as our world is, it is also marred by sin, imperfect, broken, and often chaotic. Creation cries out that there is a God. That same God who created all the beauty we can see, also created us and longs to have a relationship with us. The Creator of the Universe wants to know us! However, as we can observe in our world imperfections, brokenness, and chaos – we can also look at our hearts and see the same. We are marred by sin, separated from God. But God sent His Son to enter into this broken sin cursed world, to take sin on Himself, dying for us, and 3 days later resurrected to life eternal. To know God, we must act in faith, and trust in Jesus death on the cross for our sins to have that right relationship with God. This message was shared with our students throughout the week in our devotional times and at the end of the week when one of our staff members was able to share about her personal journey to knowing God. 


(Blog post submitted by Scott Wilson – Youth Activities Administrator)