2016 City Camp Wk 3: This and That Week


Sometimes, you just need a break from the normal routine.  ‘This and That Week’ was a breath of fresh air in the midst of the summer.  Normally our campers go through rotations of reading, devotions, recreation and a team time every morning. Afternoons are also scheduled out and full of routine.  But, this week, we decided to step back and take a break from the normal.    

Our campers went by crew to the Central Branch of the Kansas City Public Library.  We also enjoyed a hot afternoon at Deanna Rose Farmstead where feeding the goats and playing in the water thrilled our children.  We had water games outside with crew to crew competitions.  Devotions consisted of music themed hooks and the gospel being preached.  If you haven't listened to ‘Flame, Start Over’, you should!  

Week three was fun, crazy, different, and a much needed chance for our crew leaders to step back and enjoy their campers through fun activities.  Crew leaders were able to play games alongside their students while engaging them in conversations that lead to a deeper understanding and relationship between the kids and the interns/staff.  Large game battle ship, water games, crew to crew competitions and some fun large group games filled the week with exciting times! 

     We ended the week at Concourse Park, sliding down the large slides, playing in the fountains, and having an all-around good time!


(Blog post submitted by Stephanie Ryherd – VYC Assistant Administrator)