2016 City Camp Wk 1: Monster Rally


2016 City Camp Wk 1:  Monster Rally

This year, we kicked off City Camp by rallying all our little monsters for a fun filled week of devotions, crafts, fun games, reading, swimming and a trip to Concourse Park. 

During devotions we learned that there is a monster in disguise (Satan) who wants to lure us away from the truth.  God’s great love for us and His sacrifice on our behalf is the only thing that can truly satisfy us, which lead to how David conquered His monster (giant) by trusting in the Lord.  Day three devotions were all about how Goliath did not win and neither will Satan.  The monster is up against a great, powerful and loving God against which it cannot and will not win because Jesus secured the victory through his death on the cross!  On Friday, we took a little different spin on the monster theme and dug into the truth that without Christ living in side us, we are letting our monstrous flesh rule and reign over our decisions.  And, if we are trusting in Christ, we talked about recognizing that we are a new creation, but the monster in us (our old self) sometimes wants to rear its ugly head. 

Reading activities were fun and engaging opportunities for campers to learn about point of view and to enhance their letter writing skills.  It also opened the door for conversations about fears and gossip.  While team time allowed for the students to make the crew leaders a monstrous mess!  The campers had so much fun cheering on their favorite crew leader in the pool noodle soda pop competition, which is a battle of the strongest lungs!  The loser ends up with a face full of orange soda! YUCK! J

 As it is every year, our students’ favorite time of day is swim time!  We cannot say thank you enough to the North Platte Community Center who has taken on all of our campers and crew leaders this year!   They provide swimming lessons and free swim to our students and their generosity is beyond amazing!  Thanks to Ms. Erin and Ms. Alicia who organize and schedule all of our swim times and whom have gone above and beyond to help us out!