2016 Camp CUMCITO – Wk 2 Pre-Teen 1 & Tot Lot 2

It’s a good thing God has plans that we don’t know about! We started the week of Pre-teen 1 short staffed especially in the kitchen and on craft staff. Many have pitched in and filled the gaps and gone above and beyond their job descriptions! The unity of our staff at Big Camp and Tot Lot has clearly been God ordained.

Tot Lot 2 has provided the opportunity to lavish extra love on the fourteen little campers there this week. The smiles and excitement at all the new activities was contagious and the staff joined in with abandon!

IMG_3883IMG_4085 IMG_3877


The weather was a factor with rain on many mornings and steamy sunshine in the afternoon. Activities at the lake and swimming pool were definitely the highlights. The new path through the woods to the lake is incredibly peaceful and more importantly a lot less steep for our campers to navigate.




IMG_3894The Big Camp campers enjoyed learning and rehearsing their skit in chapel each night. At the conclusion of Thursday night’s action, they didn’t want it to end. They started chanting, “Skit, skit, skit!!”


On Wednesday night during devotions, a girls cabin started with aIMG_4024 discussion about heaven. A camper asked how she could become a Christian. The counselor shared the ABC gospel booklet. The camper asked if the counselor would say the prayer for her. The counselor explained it has to be an individual decision and personal prayer. She guided the campers through a prayer and six girls are new baby believers! The next day there were issues in the cabin (because Satan wouldn’t leave them alone) but they are still asking questions and our God will never leave them or forsake them!


(Blog post submitted by Nancy Todd, Camp Journalist)