2015 Camp CUMCITO – Wk 1 – Junior1

Camp CUMCITO – Week 1 – Junior1

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Our Camp Director from this week shares a story of how he was able to offer the peace of Christ to a camper when they felt overwhelmed by the evils they have experienced. He shared, “While I was checking on the cabins last night, one camper was having problems getting to sleep.  The camper grabbed me by the collar and said, “I had a nightmare.” The camper had a horrific nightmare about people getting shot and beat up.  This past February, the camper’s cousin and aunt were killed, and he said they were like parents to him.  He has been seeing a school counselor for their murders.  I prayed for God to give the camper peace, that the Holy Spirit would be present with him, comfort him and give him whatever he needed.  I told him that anytime he had a nightmare that Jesus would be with him. He then asked me to pray for him every night.  He was more at peace and soon fell asleep.”

The power of the positive worship music was felt by camp counselors this week. One said, “We were singing “One Thing Remains” at the end of chapel service. One of the campers asked if we could sing it again after chapel. It is great that she loves the song. The kids sing it at the campfire, sing it when walking together, etc.” Another counselor related to us that one girl accepted Christ at a chapel service by herself.  She told her counselor the next morning at breakfast. Her counselor had a conversation with her about her decision and the girl’s excitement was very evident.

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Another counselor shared a wonderful story of seeing her camper accept Christ. “I noticed one of the girls was very broken and sad. She was moping and dragging her feet.  I asked what was going on and she asked me about praying to Jesus. Throughout the week, I would explain spiritual truths to her.  Every night I would pray individually with each of the campers as they lay down to sleep. On Friday night she told me that she wanted to become a child of God and we talked about what that means.  She wanted to pray that night to God. She was so excited to arrive at Camp CUMCITO on Monday, but it was a different kind of happy excitement she radiated as she headed home on Saturday, knowing she was a child of God!

Although some campers did not make a decision for Christ this week, their spiritual growth was evident in how they talked about God. A counselor told us of a time she was talking to one of her campers.  The girl was showing her drawings from her journal.  She asked the counselor if she wanted to see her dream house.  The camper was showing her intricate drawings from her dream house. She had a swimming pool and waterfall in her house.  The camper told the counselor that it was missing something — that God should be in her house. So the camper flips over the paper and said, “I’m going to draw my prayer room.”  She makes this square that is as big as the rest of her house and asks the counselor, “What do you think I should put in this room?”  The counselor responded, “What makes you think of God? What about all the things that God created?” The little girl then drew trees, a waterfall and a mountain.  The counselor thought it was awesome that the prayer room was the biggest room in the house, and that it demonstrated the importance the camper placed on prayer.

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The cook from this week saw that caring for the everyday needs of our campers made an impact in their lives. During evening showers, a camper was upset because he didn’t bring enough clean clothes with him to camp. He was really bothered by wearing dirty clothes. Someone working in the kitchen offered to wash his clothes for him.  The next morning, he was very excited to have clean clothes to wear!

There were many lighthearted and humorous moments this week as well. A camper asked one of the older counselors what he did during his free time, “Do you do old man stuff? D0 you play bridge? D0 you play bingo? D0 you watch Bernie Mac? Cause when my grandpa watches that show he falls asleep!”

A member of the recreation staff told us about a moment when he was talking to a camper about their tattling problem.  The camper told him, “I wish there wasn’t that rule.” I think he speaks for every good natured troublemaker type!

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A cabin of girl’s went camping by the lake. Before they settled down for the evening, they all got into the canoes.  One of the girls wanted to stop to pray. She prayed very loudly, “Help us on this ocean!”

One of the coolest things to see at camp is the continuing relationships counselors can have with their cabin full of kids. One counselor shared, “This was the 2nd year I’ve spent with one of my campers.  It was cool to see her grow from the previous year. She told me that she didn’t know if she was ready to accept the Lord.  Then, she prayed to receive Jesus early in the week. After she prayed, she had a real zeal for the Bible and won the Bible enthusiastic award. She really displayed a sweet and beautiful spirit.” It is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our volunteers when they return year after year and foster those relationships with our campers. We are blessed to have had a week filled with fun and spiritual growth. We hope to see our campers grow over the years as those relationships continue.

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